How long to do you have the facility for, I am looking at a 5:00 to 5:30 and can my wedding planner come sooner to decorate.  Your banquet room is reserved from 5:00 pm until midnight.  You will have access to the room at 3:00 pm (2 hours prior) for decorations.

Is their a fee for cutting my cake , that I will provide? And can I bring my own utensils for cutting ?   If you are bringing a cake from outside, the cake cutting/serving fee is $2.00, plus service charge and tax per person.  We recommend that you bring your own cake knife/server for your “cake ceremony.”

Can I get more info on the linen and how much that is if you want color. 

Linen is available in the following colors:

Tablecloths:  White, Champagne (Ivory), Dark Green, Red, Black

Napkins:  White, Champagne (Ivory), Dark Green, Red, Black, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, Pink, Burgundy

  It has been a while since we last spoke.  I have a
few questions regarding Rich and my upcoming wedding
ceremony, set for sept 14th.  I have looked online at
the marriage certificate requirements; under marriage
performer I have Lei hulu Mamo, is this her full name
and spelled correctly?

When do we meet and finalize
all the decisions regarding flowers, set-up, etc.?
I would like to meet the night or the following day you fly in
do we do all that via e-mail? We spoke on the phone
about some of this, but no firm details. As I said
before, the photography is very important to me, as
the actual photos were supposed to be taken by my best
friend (she was a professional photographer) who
passed away.  Finally, we have 31 confirmed attendees,
two of which will need assistance walking so that will
need to be taken into consideration when setting up.
Also, our reception will be at the houses (3) we have
rented in waimanalo, and we have been told we could
have a ceremony on the beach there but Rich and I do
not wish to offend neighbors and locals.  
is the house right on the beach?
What is the
local feeling about this?
I will call you about this, but generally its cool
We weren't sure if it would
be easier to have it all in one spot or not (your
expertise in the matter would be appreciated).  And
lastly, is there a chance we could hold the ceremony
on the thursday, the 13th?  
Sure let me see if your minister is available.

Many guests have time
issues including a family reunion on the grooms side
that same weekend in Oahu (where several of them have
lived for 30 years). 

Lisa & Jeff
Jenn Dunn & Mark Budd

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